Rough Day At The Office

Rough Day At The Office
Sailing upwind in 22knots at the Louis Vuitton Trophy, Nice, France

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photography that rocks

Photographing Ben Harper at the 2009 Austin City limits music festival last October for a client "Ice Cream Man" had it pros and cons. After working a lot on the water in all sorts of extreme weather conditions I would have never expected so much rain and mud in the state of Texas.
Not only was it a challenge to keep your equipment dry and mud free from the crowds splashing up when they danced, but shooting in the mid day sun all the way through to complete darkness late in the night tested all photographers there. I was so happy to have my Nikon gear and to have changed over from Canon one year before.
Don't think I have ever eaten so much ice cream in all of my life, but it was so good.

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