Rough Day At The Office

Rough Day At The Office
Sailing upwind in 22knots at the Louis Vuitton Trophy, Nice, France

Friday, December 17, 2010

Coffee and a Bit of Shopping

Recently while in Dubai for the Louis Vuitton Trophy on the lay day mid regatta a few of the photographers got together and caught a taxi to one of the oldest markets in Dubai Creek Markets to take a look and maybe buy a few things for friends and family. It can be very easy to miss or drive right past, but it is set on the side of a river that seems to be the hub of local water taxis and merchants selling their wares of silks and linens.
It is the norm to haggle with the store owner over price and how many items you are after, but I am not sure this merchant knew what he was in for when we invaded his shop in force and have him join in with our comedy routine. he was a very friendly guy and knew from the minute we walked in their he was going to make a good sale (possibly the best all week) By the time we had left and done our group portrait it was laughs all around with our newly purchased local head attire and time to explore the river on a local Dow.
The day of my birthday we were lucky to have one of the local reporters Sandra offer to take us all to the Camel Races on the outskirts of Dubai. It did mean that we were all up very early before sunrise to meet with all the vehicles and now a large group to see this pronominal site.
If you ever make it to Dubai it is a must see event because it is not just about watching camels race around a 4 km track in dust and sand, it is about the people that are their and what each one of them does.
None of us knew we were going to participate in the races around the track in a 4x4 wing mirrors millimeters apart and hanging out the sunroof to shoot the camels, the owners and the fans keeping up with the pack as it roars around the track in one big sand storm.
The overwhelming friendliness of everyone out there was just amazing, from the camera operators who televise the race, to the coffee stewards offering hot coffee in gold urns and beautiful china cups.
Dubai was not what i thought it would be and if you are there anytime soon make sure you take the time get out of the city with your friends. It is well worth it.
Cheers Dubai